Custom order

How to order a personalized poster?

For a personalized illustration request, you can contact me by email (, or via Instagram and Facebook .

How does the project creation process take place?

Send me a theme, and I will suggest images of inspiration corresponding to your project, or send me a personal photo directly.
You can then choose a nautical chart (via a google drive link that I will send you) or send me a chart in your possession.
I will then make a montage simulating the final result.
Once this is validated, I will make the drawing. I will report the final result to you with photos before sending it to you.
Also, each custom order is unique, so I will never reproduce the same design twice.

What is the format of a nautical chart?

For an original, the format varies according to the cards, but the dimensions are most often 75 x 105 cm. There are versions in portrait format and others in landscape.

For a reproduction of a poster, the dimensions can range from the format of the original, to approximately A2 format (42 x 59.4 cm). I do not make a smaller reproduction, as this alters the details of the map when printed.

What precautions to keep the poster?

My illustrations are done in charcoal on original nautical chart, or printed reproduction.

Charcoal drawing is a technique based on charred wood. this makes it possible to obtain more or less fine and intense black lines, with gradient effects. However, this fades easily, which makes the drawing fragile to rubbing. I spray fixative varnish to preserve the illustration over time, but you have to be careful not to rub it and put your fingers on it, at the risk of damaging it. Avoid exposing the poster to direct sunlight (UV can damage the design). If you want to move the poster, I advise you to protect the drawing with tissue paper.

As the original maps are generally old, they are often marked by time (folds, tears, stains, etc.). It is these little “flaws” that make them authentic! To best preserve the poster, especially during transport, I advise you to roll it.

How long does it take to receive a personalized order?

This will depend on the time of year, but it takes about 2 to 4 weeks, from the first exchanges until receipt of your order. For the Christmas period, the deadlines may be extended due to the increase in requests and carriers. Remember to place your order well in advance to receive it on time! More details on delivery .

What are the custom order prices?

The price varies according to the drawing (number of elements, details, production time) and the nautical chart (location, format, date, condition, original or reproduction, etc.). The table below gives you an idea of the prices for each stage of the project. For a more precise estimate, you can contact me .

Prices subject to change.
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